With over 10 years in the industry I am a recent name to the market, but I'm not a newbie to making high-quality fairings.

Some of you may already know me from over the years on various motorcycle boards and clubs, or met me in my previous capacity as designer for another fairing mfr.

I am going to continue my tradition of straight-talk and start a new one of extremely high value. There are already some very good fairings out there, but most are rather pricey. There are also some inexpensive imports.(booo, hiss!) There's even at least one ass-clown thief that made molds right off of another company's product and sold copies on eBay! You'll have to decide what you would be proud to have on YOUR bike. There are hundreds and hundreds of hours involved in developing a new product pattern from foam, Bondo, fiberglass, etc. compared to simply laying up a mold off of somebody else's work in a day or two. Those hundreds of hours need to get repaid-for little by little with portions of the profit made on each fairing sold later. I hope you'll support me in my endeavor to earn an honest living while doing something I enjoy. In return - I promise to save you substantial dollars and treat you by the Golden Rule.  

Let's build a fairing together!

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